Your equipment is your co-teacher and you have invested a lot in it, so keeping it in good order and clean is of the utmost importance. Having the right kind of cleaner for the vinyl and the tracks and cleaning them consistently can be the key to keeping your equipment for decades. Keeping everything in tip top shape will also keep your clients happy and your business chugging along.

See the comments below for some info straight from Balanced Body – they are no longer recommending the oils.

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  1. Suzanne_473

    What about the actual wheels on the tracks.
    do you recommend wiping them with the silicone spray
    What type of silicone spray…wet/dry?

  2. Angelo

    It’s best to clean those first – with just a mild cleaner (the tea tree oil jen mentions is fine – or any household spray cleaner) – nothing so strong that it could damage the plastic that most wheels are made of. We just pull any stuff that’s accumulated out (hair mostly – gross!) then dampen a rag with your cleaner , hold it against the wheels – and rotate the wheels until they’re clean. Just be careful – it’s very awkward dealing with that heavy piece and cleaning the wheels at the same time. Laying it upside down and sideways across the reformer makes it easier. The silicone isn’t really for cleaning – but is great for lubrication. Once the wheels are clean – spray a bit of that in there so that it gets on the little “axel” of each wheel. Wipe off the access and you’ll be all set. Also – it’s always best to do this at the end of the day – we have lots of clients who are sensitive to smells – and it’s great to let things air out for the night. We use Zep-Par NC silicone Spray which is supposedly odorless (it’s not), colorless, and non-staining. Just make sure to find something that 100% silicone with no added chemicals.

  3. NancyT

    Balanced Body no longer recommends using Tea Tree or other essential oils on our equipment. The vinyl has built in agents that protect it against bacterial and fungal micro-organisms. We recommend using a small amount of mild soap and water.

    If you have an issue with your carriage ride, there may be other factors to consider. Overuse of Silicone spray can cause build up and lead to other issues.

    Joe Weiss
    Sales Technical Support| Balanced Body Inc.