Oh, how we love the Overball! This prop has so many uses! Today we explore how it can be used to facilitate ab curls, a cornerstone of the Pilates repertoire. With the instability and the support of the Overball, it is easier for the clients to access their core musculature while learning to flex their spine forward. This is no easy task, and the Overball can be used to lean on and leverage until the client has built up enough strength to do this on their own. This is a wonderful way to introduce ab curling to new clients as well as fine tune this motion in your advanced movers.

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  1. Tessa_995

    Love your cues, “wheel” up and “drip” down!!

  2. Karien Penderis_687

    Thank you! Extremely valuable information in your video clip! My clients are going to enjoy tonight:) Love from Cape Town

  3. Casey

    Hello there from Asheville! So happy you all are finding this video useful! Since ab curls are such an important part of the Pilates method, it is vital that we teach it in a detail oriented manner. Only through breaking down the exercise can we really get our clients to feel and embody the work!

    Casey Marie Herdt

  4. ginger

    One of my favorite props! Love the cueing, will use in my Monday morning class! Always have someone new, and some that have been coming for a while!
    Thank you!
    Ginger Purkey