Initiation of the Mermaid on the Reformer


The initiation movement of an exercise such as the Mermaid is a coordinated dance  of the humerus, scapula, and upper spine. This key movement is essential for the exercise as a whole and it assures that the work is happening in the upper and mid back and not just pushed into the upper traps or rammed into the ribs. This honing of the work into the stability muscles of the  “Lower Wing area” helps create a balanced opening in the lateral flexion.

This video will show you how to see and cue the wave of movement that occurs in the Mermaid — from the hand on the bar, into the upper arm and mid back, and into the shift and lift of the ribs.

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  1. alesia_216

    Outstanding breakdown of mermaid. Thank you very much for this level of detail.