Reading the body on the equipment is such an important component to being an effective Pilates instructor. Throwing out generic cues can only take the clients so far in their work. The key to giving precise, detail-oriented cueing is speaking to the client’s body. And the only way to speak to the client’s body is if you see how the client is moving on the equipment. This is what Body Braille is all about: how to see the body and all of the nuances in its dance with the equipment. Watch this video to get a sense of how this body reading works in the exercise Swan on the Reformer.


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  1. Stephen

    It’s so important for instructors to view the clients from different angles. You can pick up imbalances better from some angles than others. Thanks Casey.
    But who’s the skinny guy watching from the side?

  2. Casey

    Hahaha! That guys is ALWAYS hanging around the studio these days…. He’s our most diehard apprentice!

    Thanks for watching and commenting Stephen!