Arming your pregnant clients with as much information and skills as possible for an easy labor and delivery is essential as you are guiding them through this extraordinary time in their life. By practicing postures for labor, as well as breath patterns that go with them, your clients will be able to go into these poses with ease and familiarity. Labor is a basket of unknown situations, so by preparing the mom in the studio, she will be able to find more comfort during the intensity that comes with the delivery process. Try these postures with the birth ball. They will help your clients before, during, and after labor.

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  1. Stephen

    One of my clients was pregnant last year, and we did these exercises (amongst others) right up until a week or so before birth. Baby didn’t turn, so a Caesar, rather than Pilates during labour, but she’s already back to training, within 2 months of birth.

  2. JenniferGianni

    Hi Stephen,

    It is great that she is already back training with you. The postnatal period is the most important and crucial transition time in a woman’s life. I feel that as well educated Pre and postnatal pilates coaches , we have a lot to offer to these women as far as movement and self care information that can help them tip the scales towards a easy, pain free and less rigid body and mind. The mom that delivered by C section has a lot on her plate physically and emotionally. At this early stage, do a lot of gentle opening and subtle movement of the bottom of the feet, the back of the pelvis, the mid and upper back. This will help her to start to gently organize and tidy up her connective tissue after the surgery. Below the belly button ( in my book ) is still back body and pelvic floor tissue. So her surgery really effected her whole back line. Thank you so much for devoting your time and energy to our mamas!