Building better breathers is a primary concern for Pilates teachers. If we can arm our clients with one thing, it is the power to cue into and work on their breath. This skill building is something that they can take with them in all facets of their life. We are primarily concerned with the breath and what it activates in the body when talking about core stability and mobility. By ensuring you understand the dynamics of lateral rib cage breath, as well as know how to translate and teach it to your clients, you will be well on your way to building a beautiful foundation in which to build strength.

Check back for more videos soon!

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  1. patti416

    nice very clear and concise. this can be a little hard to cue to some. thanks

  2. Casey

    Thanks Patti!

    I am happy that the video gave you some ideas on the different ways to cue the breath. One of my favorite sayings is, “Breath is a tool, not a rule!” I find the more you help your clients to experiment with what the breath actually does to the body as a whole, they start to embody its importance at a faster rate.

  3. Helen840

    Fabulous use of the theraband and I loved the use of the overballs- cant wait to try it- thank you so much

  4. Casey

    So happy you enjoyed Helen!

    Don’t we just have the most fabulous job on earth!?! I just love playing with new ways and different props to help our clients experience the foundational principles in new ways!

    Visit us on our forum and tell us what you are experimenting with!

    Casey Marie Herdt

  5. Tracy Matosich205

    Great over-ball cuing technique!

  6. Casey

    Thanks Tracy! Not sure what I did before the Overball! I just love that prop…