Learning and paying attention to differentiation skills is an essential building block of the Pilates Method. Realizing where the stability happens and where the movement comes from is a light bulb moment for a lot of clients. The Reformer is one of the best places to hone this skill because of all the feedback you get from the moving carriage.

Let us know what you thought of the video tips!

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  1. Stephen

    One thing many of my clients struggle with is Isolation. It’s hard to move one part while keeping the rest of the body still, and even simple co-ordination exercises are difficult for many of them. I find it’s important to progress gradually. Thanks for the videos.

  2. JenniferGianni

    Hi Stephen,
    I can’t agree more. It is important to keep it simple and clear when building skill sets for our clients. A big amount of choreography can really take away from the primary focus of the movement. Sounds like you are doing a brilliant job with your clients. Thanks for watching and we love your feedback.