It is important for the instructor to let the client move so you can see how they organize or don’t organize. This is when you can really pick up on where the imbalances lie. In Swan we typically see lots of compression in the lumbar spine, which can lead to a lot of dysfunction over time. Learn some cueing and propping techniques that can help your clients find a better Swan.

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  1. Paula1064

    Great pointers – thanks so much! Where did you get your small pad for the hips/pubic bone from?

  2. Casey

    Hi there Paula! So happy you enjoyed the content! You can get those cushioned non-slip mats from Balanced Body. Have a great day!

  3. ginger

    Another tip and tool I can use for my client! Love these “small” body Braille tips! ❤️

  4. JenniferGianni

    Thanks Ginger! You have some lucky clients.

  5. Tessa_995

    I use a squishy ball too! I tell students to “swallow” the ball with their breast bone first, folding over it with relaxed head and neck, then as they pull the mat back and lengthen through the crown, coming to a hover position, I cue to push the ball forward with their breast bone. And I do the foam roller variation too!!

  6. JenniferGianni

    Hi Tessa,

    It is great to hear from you! Thank you for sending in these great cues and sequencing tips. Keep them coming.