A teaching basic that needs energy, practice, and patience is the idea of creating a basis of communication with your client. This communication is not always verbal, but it is just as important, if not more so, than what the client says. As a teacher, you must read what the body is saying and translate that to the client in a way they can understand and make adjustments. Mastery of the call and response technique is essential in the field of work that we are in. Watch this video to more fully understand this concept.

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  1. Peg_669

    That was good! Always nice to have a different way to think about a familiar movement. Thanks!

  2. Casey

    This is what I love about the work… there are so many different ways to feel AND cue the exercises. It never gets old and stale! I really do feel that when we expose ourselves to different styles of teaching, we broaden our horizons and increase our teaching tool belt in creative ways.