Mermaid is such a great exercise whether it is on the mat, Reformer, Cadillac, or chair. The side bending of the spine gives the vertebrae a wonderful opportunity to yawn and expand from side to side. This is so helpful in encouraging spinal articulation in all ways. By using the foam roller here as a device for activation as well as expansion, the Mermaid can be fine tuned and explored more deeply. Try this in your next mat class or private class, and see and feel the difference.

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  1. Cynthia936

    Thanks for your hard work. I wish I could choose not to watch in high definition as I have a slow internet connection here where I live. I dont always have the half hour to sit and wait for the down load and I cant go back.

  2. Angelo

    This is probably a problem other than your slow connection – most likely a browser issue. There actually shouldn’t be any loading as the videos are streamed (like Netflix). Please open a support ticket and we can help you troubleshoot. Thanks!

  3. Dianne_914

    Lovely use of the foam roller to give the client feedback – loved the cue to suck up multifidis and to ‘slurp’ the roller back to the opposite hip. A seemingly simple exercise with so many useful points – thankyou, I’m going to use this with 3 clients tomorrow!

  4. Casey

    Dianne I am so happy to hear your enthusiasm about the exercise mermaid! The foam roller is such a great prop for clients to increase their awareness around the stuck areas of their body. What is even nicer is that you can use the roller to open up the spine and rib cage first, then go into the movement!

    Let us know how is went with your clients and if you have any questions, visit us on our forum!

    Casey Marie Herdt

  5. Tessa_995
    I like this really focused variation. Visit club page above to see my take on it, the long, stretchy variation!