A part of running a successful studio is taking care of your investment in your equipment. This not only makes sense fiscally, but also in terms of your client’s overall experience. It is crucial that your studio is a clean, safe, welcoming environment for your clients to walk into. It should also be cause for a sense of pride for the employees and clients alike to say they are a part of the same community of people and goals. In this video, you will learn how to care for your Wunda Chair and keep it functional and safe for all to enjoy.

Please note!: Since filming this video we have heard from Balanced Body that they have had reports from studios who have had problems with oils causing cracking on their vinyl – and that this is probably due to incorrect mixtures. (It also could be the quality of the oils used.) We have had some of our equipment for 15 years – and it is all supple and in great shape – but please note how little oil we put into our mixture! It doesn’t take much! Let us know if you have any equipment cleaning tips in the comments below!

Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed these tips.

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