The overball is a wonderful prop because it elevates and highlights the subtleties of pelvic movement. Before we can cue our clients to optimal alignment, we must first teach them how and why their pelvis moves at all. That knowledge then can be used as a powerful tool to change the body, and it is an incredible aid in directional placement further down the exercise line. This exercise is essential to lumbo pelvic stability and mobility. So before you enter into more challenging work on the equipment or the mat, mastery of this exercise is a must.

Thanks for watching! To purchase the Overball used in this video, click here.

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  1. laury_922

    Love the verbal cueing/visual of ball bearings rolling through the face of the clock.

  2. vicky

    Like the softness to the ball going over the sacrum & coccyx to both sides . Like the ball bearings cue/ have used the cue as marbles hitting the holes as Chinese checkers.

  3. Tessa_995

    I bought a rather overpriced toy (from Amazon after getting a promo email) called The Pelvic Clock. Not sure it has any advantage over the overball though! Have you come across it? If so, what is your take on it??

  4. JenniferGianni

    Hi Tessa,
    I have not had any experience with The Pelvic Clock. Send us a link.