There are many ways to teach and experience the short spine massage. Traditionally, it is taught in femoral external rotation. But for those clients who are stuck walking around with that external rotation every day, it is important to experience a more parallel leg positioning. The variation shown here is immensely useful, and it is a gem for those clients with tightness in their hips and low backs. It is also nice to teach a few classical sets, and then introduce the contemporary variation so that your clients can compare and contrast the feeling in their own bodies.

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  1. SusanHughes633

    Great variation! I have so many clients that stay in external rotation, so I can’t wait to give them this variation to work different muscles! Thank you so much for all of your great ideas!

  2. Casey

    Glad you enjoyed this! Yes, it is very important to work on functional medial and internal rotation of the legs in the pelvis in lots of different ways… And trust me, have someone do this to you! It feels so delicious on the low back!

    Thanks for watching!

    Casey Marie Herdt