The feet are a vital component to the alignment of the whole body. Sadly, most people pay more attention to what shoes they are wearing instead of the condition of the bottom of the foot! The health of the arch is directly dependent on how you move and use the feet. We are constantly exploring new ways to move and expand the bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and fascia in this area. This set of exercises is an easy way to put the spring back in the step of your clients. It also makes great homework. Their gait will thank you!

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  1. charlotte_779

    How can this exercise be done in a mat class if there is nothing to sit on? I think this is so important. Thank you.

  2. CaseyMarieHerdt

    Hi Charlotte!

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

    You can try this in a seated position with one leg extended out in from of the body, while crossing the other leg over it in a figure 4 position with the top shin resting on the bottom shin. This is not the most optimal position because of how the working femur has to be externally rotated but it can work if need be.

    A better solution would be to have your clients lay supine and prop their lower legs and ankles on folded up towels and blanket so that their feet have room to articulate without hitting the floor. And if they need the visual cues, they can sit up and prop their upper body by resting on their arms and hands extended behind them for support.

    This is wonderful work that everyone can benefit from. Experiment with these positions and let me know what works!

    Casey Marie

  3. Tessa_995

    I have been working on my feet for more than a decade already. Patience and perseverance are essential since change is slow. These exercises could be done watching TV with feet up on leg rest even! I also massage my feet regularly. As I age I appreciate more and more how essential our base of support is as a connection to the earth and all movement.