Rowing on the reformer is a full body exercise, so finding a way to bring that work onto the mat is a wonderful addition to any class. Also, by playing with the weights in the hands as well as shortening the levers of the body (i.e. bending the knees) this challenge is accessible to many different skill levels. The arm choreography is endless here, so have fun with it! Just be sure to look for an ease of movement as the arms move on the ribcage, and also an absence of gripping through the pelvis. Make sure you center your abdominal on the overball, and ground through your legs onto the mat. This gives the body the balanced contrast it needs to execute the work with ease.

The Overball used in this video is available here. Let us know what you thought below!

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  1. SusanHughes633

    Great idea!!
    As always, thanks for all the creative ideas!!!

  2. Casey

    So glad you enjoyed Susan! Take care, and Happy 4th!

    Casey Marie