When you work in a studio, whether it has one or ten teachers, everyone must be on their best behavior and must always be willing to help out. Team spirit must be alive and well. There should be a thirst to make the studio its best so that everyone’s experience of it is the best.

Number one is how to conduct yourself and keeping things orderly. Come in at least ten minutes early to set up your space and to see what else is going on in the studio. During your session, be aware of the volume of your voice. If everyone is aware of volume and keeps it at a reasonable level, then it can be controlled and everyone can have a pleasant experience. After your session, remember to clean your machinery and put away all your props in their proper places.

Be sure that when you are in the studio but not in a session, you are never on your cell phone. Go outside if you need to make a call. Also, be certain that any conversations that you have with other teachers or clients are somewhere away from any sessions that are going on. Please also avoid staring or sitting down to observe a session that you have not been invited to watch. Amazingly, I see this happen quite often. This really makes the client being watched very uncomfortable and detracts greatly from their experience.

Another huge part of studio manners is being a team player. It is very important to have a good relationship with the other teachers, bodyworkers, managers, and receptionists at the studio. It is an excellent idea to take classes and workshop with each other. The more you are familiar with each other and how each of you teach, the more it will open you up to encouraging clients to try other teachers and classes. This will help everyone in the studio and will create a great energy of sharing and mutual respect.

~by Jennifer Gianni

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