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Discussion in 'Let's Discuss!' started by Amy600, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Amy600

    Amy600 Member

    Is there a way to ask Erin Myers
    about her upcoming video on Scoliosis? I was curious if she was familiar with the Schroth Method, and if so, does she utilize it in her training?
    Also, I have a client with scoliosis and pain - does Erin address other spinal conditions that can present themselves in an older spine, like Spondy , disc issues , Osteoporosis, etc...
    Thank you:)
  2. Erin Myers

    Erin Myers New Member

    Hi Amy,
    Yes, I am quite familiar with the Schroth Method and have done it myself. I've studied a ton of Schroth research over the years and have integrated some into how I teach on scoli. The person I work on in this video actually has all three of those issues in her lumbar scoli spine. Yes, many people with scoli have lots of issues all going on at once in their spine -- and have pain. I will forever preach that you must know how to analyze the scoli body in front of you before you you can start rehabbing the other spinal issues. You'll also hear from my client in this video on how she is now (on most days) completely pain free. This workshop will be a vital tool in your tool box for helping your scoli client get out of pain. Blessings,
    Erin Myers
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  3. Silke907

    Silke907 New Member

    I have difficulties playing the video, - it stops al the time.. Is it my issue or can you help me?
  4. Admin

    Admin Administrator

    Hi Silke - Unfortunately issues like this are a browser or connection issue on the user side 99% of the time. We aren't seeing any issues with the videos and haven't gotten any other reports.

    Even though this isn't a site issue - we're happy to help you troubleshoot. Please use the support tab on any page to get technical help!
  5. Amy600

    Amy600 Member

    Many Thanks, Erin. I look forward to attending a live course someday, as well.

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