practical release for femur and pelvis

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  1. Jill710

    Jill710 New Member

    Where can one obtain the half spikey balls discussed in this lecture? I have been online and have ot found them. Also, if you have a good/ cheaper source for the overball and large tennis ball, I'd appreciate that also. Thanks
  2. angelo

    angelo Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jill,
    We take old spikey balls that have worn out or split and cut them in half at the seam. The large balls you can sometimes find at pet stores (they're sold as fetch balls for large dogs...)
    Here's a link to our store:
  3. alesia_216

    alesia_216 New Member

    What is the diameter of the "bigger" tennis ball used in this workshop? Online, large tennis balls come in diameters of 4.5", 8", 8.5", 9". I am not sure which size to order. Also, it would be greatly appreciated if a detailed description of all props used in your workshops were clearly listed. I have spent a great deal of time trying to figure out what props are needed.
  4. angelo

    angelo Administrator Staff Member

    Those are approximately 5".

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