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    Hi Joy,
    I am enjoying the video you taped on Breast Cancer and am compiling questions for you , but, in the meantime, I had to let you know that working with the soft ball on my client's chording she has on her left pectoral region really worked to soften the tissue in our 1 session and we massaged it for maybe a total of 3-5 mins max.
    She was awed and so was I!
    Thank you for taking the time to film your work with Fusion Pilates.
    I am a Gyrotonic instructor and would love to know how you work in the Gyrotonic system and if you'd recommend working on the equipment?
    Warm regards,
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    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for your message and please, as you come up with questions feel free to ask. Re: the soft ball...cording is an interesting topic. There is research supporting massage and "breaking down" the cording. For our purposes as practitioners who are not licenced PTs or massage therapists I am a bit careful when recommending anything that is potentially a hard surface on the skin and affected areas. If there is any lymphedemia, hard surfaces may further break tissue down. That having been said, for this particular client, it seemed to soften tissue and to be beneficial. Movement, and especially moving the whole arm, including the wrist, also seems to gently achieve some of the same "softening" effects. Re: Gyrotonic. In truth, Gyro, whether on the equipment or Gyrokinesis, is superb for this population. The undulating, breath driven, movements are excellent for creating motility, increasing circulation and restoration of the upper limb pump. In addition, Gyrotonic explores the "spirals" of the upper limb. These spirals are excellent for softening the cording, waking up the nervous system through the arm, and increasing fluid motility.

    Thanks again for your response. Happy to keep talking about it!
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    Thanks, Joy!

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