New Online Pilates Workshop!

This online Pilates workshop by Jenn Pilotti examines the relationship between the xiphoid process, the shoulder girdle, and the pelvis and how movement can be cued from this central part of the torso to create more awareness and integration.

Jen explores the anatomy and structures that play a role in the functional movement of the spine in all planes from the context of the xiphoid process. Mobility in the ribcage affects both the shoulder girdle and pelvis and spine. Balancing forces in these structures is crucial for activities of daily living as well as more advanced movements or athletic pursuits. As such, the exercises focus on mobility and stability of the torso and integrating/focusing the breath to encourage awareness and resilience.

Using minimal props, many exercises can be taught in the studio and assigned for a home program. This course is sure to provide you with specific, adaptable exercises that will bring integrated, functional awareness to clients of all ages and abilities.




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