New Online Pilates Workshop!

The foot and the pelvis directly influence one another. The more awareness and sensation a client has in their foot, the more integrated they are going to be throughout the entire kinetic chain. The reverse is also true; the more integrated someone is in their pelvis, and the more they can feel where their pelvis is in relation to the feet, the more integrated they are going to be in their movement practice.

In this online Pilates workshop, Jennifer Pilotti employs her upbeat, positive teaching style to explore the important connections between the feet and the pelvis with a new client in real-time.

You will learn how to sense and isolate movements of the foot, how the feet affect the pelvis, how the pelvis affects the feet, and how to integrate them for more efficient movement. Get the most out of your movement practice, and help clients do the same, by building awareness and connections between the pelvis and the feet.



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