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NEW Online Pilates Workshop!

In this online Pilates workshop Chantill Lopez and James Crader team up to explore a powerful new approach to teaching movement based on an understanding of positive compensation and the ability of the student to self-regulate.


Learn to teach movement in a way that promotes the accrual of infinite efficient movement options rather than only a few right strategies, for example, those that keep us held in perfect alignment and good form.


 You’ll be exposed to the Polyvagal Theory and learn how the health of the vagus nerve dictates our ability to relate to self, other, and context — the very heart of teaching — and how, by linking movement to vagal health, we can deeply improve not only a few ideal movement outcomes but enhance the overall efficacy of all movement while optimizing self-regulation strategies.

Be taken on a journey through teaching philosophy, coaching strategies, and exploratory movement tools that will help you foster endless positive compensation potential in your students. Plus, you’re going to laugh a lot as this duo dives into some super juicy strategies and seemingly silly techniques for returning your teaching to life.



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