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On: June 01, 2013 13:53 PM
Please would you be so kind as to answer a couple of questions regarding your online refresher courses? I was wondering if the whole content is available once the course is purchased or are the modules only released on a 2 week basis? My other question is, once a module is completed are you then able to revisit this module at a later point during the course? Thank you so much for your time, I've very much enjoyed the video podcasts I've seen so far. Elizabeth
On: June 01, 2013 16:59 PM
Hi Elizabeth, How are you? Yes- the entire content is available to you as soon as you purchase - that way you can move through the course as quickly as you like. And yes again - all of the content is available to you for the entire time you have access. Think of it like a live course - except you can pause, rewind, revisit, re-watch - as much as you'd like until your access expires. We're so happy you've enjoyed the videos. The online courses go so so much deeper into the work - I think you'll find them kind of awesome! Let us know if you have any other questions - thanks so much for your interest and we hope you continue to enjoy the site.
On: June 01, 2013 17:23 PM
Hi Angelo Thank you for the speedy response & for the clarification. I look forward to purchasing a course. Elizabeth
On: June 02, 2013 09:12 AM
No problem. We hope you enjoy the Refresher Course. Jen and Casey both monitor the forum for questions - so if you have any as you go through it - don't hesitate to ask. Looking forward to hearing what you think of the course!
On: June 02, 2013 10:20 AM
I've just purchased the Reformer Refresher Course and am working my way through the first module right now! Jen & Casey's teaching styles are very much aligned to how I like to teach. I think it's going to be a great course! Wishing you all much success with the site.
On: July 25, 2013 13:07 PM
Hi Elizabeth! I am so happy you are enjoying the course. If you have any questions at any time, let us know! Have fun! In Happy Movement, Casey
On: May 04, 2016 15:26 PM
Hi Ladies, There was mention in the Breathing and Release Work Reformer Refresher course about people that have a hard time moving their pelvis/shoulder blades need more release work (think it was in the Let's Discuss section). I am actually experiencing this right now with a student that has osteoporosis. I am doing simple pelvic rocking and shoulder elevation/depression/protraction/retraction and there is hardly any movement. Can you suggest some release work specific and safe for someone with osteoporosis? I have been using franklin balls on each side of the sacrum and working breath and pelvic rocking, clocks, etc. Do we need to be concerned with the height of the balls for someone with osteoporosis? Much thanks!
On: May 06, 2016 05:40 AM
Hi Bonnie! This is such a great question! With someone who is so tight and lacks mobility it is SO IMPORTANT to start with full body release work! I cannot stress this enough! With someone with the tissue limitations of your client, even seemingly therapeutic or simple movement can cause even more tension. To establish a healthy, easy home position is of the upmost importance. Remember that every cell of the body is invested in and connected to all the others. This isn't just a shoulder girdle issue or a pelvic issue, but a whole body problem! I would start with release work on the lateral hip points, pecs, shoulder points, and abdominal wall. These points as well as a slew of others are outlined in my Practical Release Work: The Essentials. This is your go-to on theory and full body release work. Scoop up that workshop on the site straight away, and watch how beautifully your client's tension transforms into movement they haven't experienced in years! Hope that helps! In Happy Health, Casey Marie
On: May 06, 2016 15:13 PM
Thanks Casey! I have taken the Practical Release Work workshop, and it is a FABULOUS workshop and I review it many times. Sometimes I find that my students don't really release into the balls (which I explain is so important, along with the breath). For instance for releasing the hamstrings, I have had a few of my students say they don't feel anything when they place the ball under the hamstring!! Even when they roll over it! It is crazy to me as I feel so many points while doing this all up the back of the leg. Would you say they aren't feeling anything because they have not released enough into the ball? Can you explain more about the abdominal wall release? I don't seem to remember that from the workshop (will review again). Is it like in the first video of the Reformer Refresher course where the over ball us under the abs on the box for swan? I would think taking that to the mat/cadillac and just releasing over the ball and breathing is what you are referring to? Thanks again for your input. I did a lot more release with my students today (and myself for my practice). It really, really is such an essential part of our practice as you do feel such a different connection to the movement and freedom in your body.
On: May 10, 2016 17:10 PM
I am so happy you are already using and enjoying the workshop! For your hamstring release people it is important to emphasize that the quad and hip flexor stay relaxed as they do the flossing movements. Some people have so much armor in the area that the neurology has a tough time sending the right signals! It should be a heavy dense feeling in the leg that help to facilitate the release of the tension and holding. As for the abdominal release work you are exactly right! Take the overball to the mat or cad. Have them roll it around their abdominal wall as find areas of tension. From there have them drop their whole body over the ball and work belly breath for a few cycles. Beware, this can be intense so you might want to start with a semi inflated ball and work up! Keep up that fabulous work! Much Love, Casey Marie
On: May 10, 2016 19:24 PM
All sounds great! Thanks again for your input. I can't wait to try to ab wall release! xo Bonnie
On: June 02, 2016 15:32 PM
I have to say I am just LOVING this reformer refresher course. I am finding so many awesome nuggets and tools and have been bringing so much into my teaching in regards to spiky balls, dowels, balls, etc! I really like how you build on your classes and how there is an intention set. And can I just say I finally purchased the Smart Spine pillow and I am beyond thrilled with the results I am seeing in student's bodies as well as what the students are feeling and the feedback they are giving. So, so happy with this purchase! I just purchased the Correct Toes today and can't wait to receive them! I have a question on how you track you student's progress. I was wondering if track by exercises, skills, movement concepts (like breath and release; lumbo pelvic stability & mobility, etc.). Thanks so much for all that you both give in your courses. I have purchased quite a few and am so happy I have Forever Access as I am reviewing them constantly. Bonnie
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