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On: October 09, 2015 04:16 AM
Dear Jen and Casey, Thank you both for your inspirational video posts. The work you both put into each post is evident and awe-inspiring! It's a great day when I receive my Mon/Wed video from you all and I wanted to share that I am grateful to be on the receiving end. Being a self-employed studio owner, I experience days where my creativity feels low and I need a bit of inspiration or I am ready to learn something new and that's when I turn to the great workshop content available on Fusion EDU. Thank you to you and Angelo for providing the bridge between my little world and the vastness of yours via the web for all to enjoy, learn and grow. You make a difference in my life. Warm regards, Amy
On: October 09, 2015 14:23 PM
Dear Amy, Casey and I live for posts like this. This makes our day. We really, really love what we do in the studio and on the site but it is so good to hear that it is making an impact. It fuels us to do more and even better work. Thank you for being so generous and positive. Love, Jen
On: October 13, 2015 09:14 AM
Amy! You are just so sweet! Thank you so much for writing in. Community is such an important aspect of our work that can often times be lost in the shuffle of busy schedules, and distance. Thank goodness that we have this fabulous technology at our fingertips to share in the delights of the Pilates world we live in. THANK YOU for the inspiration! Together we can all do our part to elevate our work and ourselves to new levels of fun and healing we never thought possible! Much Love, Casey Marie
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