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On: March 26, 2014 10:36 AM
Casey and Jen I have been working on the Refresher Reformer and understanding another step in my growth in Pilates. We begin by just learning the exercises , then cuing, being comfortable with working with client-giving encouragement, being a good listener to them, reviewing learning exercises more, etc. . But, now I might be a slow learner but I'm realizing our Pilates Movement Principles are the key to bring the exercises together for the client. We can use the props, do the exercises , give them some feeling. Only through our Movement Principles the client will understand better or connect it to there body. Thank you so much for this Refresher program. So looking forward to doing more. Not half way through but many growing experiences- take away's. Plus, doing lesson plans helps me teach the client. The safety measure you give in the Calf Stretch, to even letting the spine settle from doing the Tower with the articulation of the spine from the Cadi Refresher. Never heard of this or maybe hearing was turned off. Thank you. Just need to add when using the green spike balls under the tush I lay a blanket down to protect the carriage. Have a few clients where the spikes really make an impression. So , I'm thinking they could be gripping tush and putting more heaviness on ball. It's finding that opening of pelvis that helps them relax or open sits bone more. Love ya Vicky
On: April 01, 2014 14:01 PM
Hi Vicky, It is so good to see you still connecting the dots. This line of work is really an ongoing love affair with the layers of breath and movement. And I am excited and feel hopeful about our industry because of teachers like you that keep your beginner brain and your curiosity. The refresher program is a vitamin B shot in the arm for an experienced teacher. It gives one a lot to think about and some really great stuff to start experimenting with right away in the studio! I am so happy you are getting so much out of it. Thanks for the tip on the spiky balls. The carriage is very expensive to replace so we always want to avoid that. Love Jen
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