Early Access to The Form & Function of Cueing by Nicky Taylor Steward for Forever Members!

New Online Pilates Workshop!

If you’ve ever had a client whose movements are a bit unfocused, Nicky Taylor Steward’s workshop will provide specific creative cues to help your clients achieve and understand the importance of every subtle moment in your session. Nicky expands on several components of cueing, including the intention behind the movement and how important it is for your client to have a clear understanding of the purpose of each exercise.

In this workshop, Nicky repeats the same sequence halfway through and uses this as an opportunity to add even more specific cues for the client. This comparison gives you the benefit of seeing the movements repeated so you will easily notice the subtle changes in the client’s setup, alignment, and improved movement.

The Form and Function of Cueing allows you to see, in real-time, how beneficial clear and consistent cueing is for a client and how powerful your words can be in guiding proper movement.



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