Early Access to Restoring Functional Movement Patterns in Active Aging by Jean Sullivan for Forever Members!

New Online Pilates Workshop!

As we age, gravity takes its toll on our posture, which affects our ability to do certain movements or perform tasks of daily living. In this online Pilates workshop, Jean Sullivan shares a variety of exercises that can be used with older clients to help restore functional movement patterns needed for tasks like getting in and out of a chair, getting down to the floor, reaching overhead, and carrying groceries in one arm.

Jean provides tips on how to observe and assess functional movement patterns. She then demonstrates over 40 exercises designed to improve mobility in the thoracic spine, rib cage, and shoulder girdle; strengthen the feet and side body; practice hip hinges (squats) and lunges on and off the equipment; and work on pushing and pulling motions, all while taking into account common issues to consider in an older population.

This workshop will give you the tools needed to help restore functional movement patterns in your active aging clients so they can continue doing the things they love.



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