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In this online Pilates workshop, you will explore the ways we as Pilates teachers can be a guide and aide to our clients who experience chronic pain and disease.

By taking a multifaceted approach to understanding pain, and creative ways of reframing it, we can help our clients along the path of the “healer’s journey”. By getting to the root of the issue we can lift the veils that cloud clarity, and systematically apply wonderful tools from the Pilates studio to help them shed the skin of pain, layer by layer.




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Casey Marie Herdt did an EXCELLENT JOB explaining all the biomechanics very clearly and concisely. Also, what I liked best is that she spoke….slowly and softly….that’s what made it easier for me to comprehend!! Thank you Casey Marie!!! 🙂

-Regina S


I love this course….it gives you a new eye to review our client’s bodies. Amazing the way it changes your look at the exercises. Thank you!

-Celia C


Interesting information and informative visuals.

-Howard K



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