New Online Pilates Workshop!

Do you have clients who you feel are ready for more intermediate and advanced exercises, but you’re not sure how to get them there?

In this workshop, Nicky Taylor Stewart will show you how to recognize the integration of the entire body and where your clients have less of a connection so that you can progress their sessions efficiently to give them access to more challenging Pilates exercises they me struggling to fully execute.

Nicky gives effective and efficient cues that will help you communicate with your clients more clearly and help them progress through exercises like Teaser, Swan Dive, and Side Bend. Her cues always encourage the client to access their mind-body connection with ease, and by the end of this workshop, Nicky’s client is moving like a different person.

This workshop is packed with information from setting up the basics to advanced exercises, plus the amount of fun that Nicky and her client Misty are having reminds us that at the end of the day, movement should be enjoyable and functional.



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