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Join Lesley Powell for this online Pilates workshop on Biotensgrity.

Science is having us look at the body differently. Dr. Alan Levin has offered new information about fascia. Graham Scharr and Rudolph Laban both are fascinated by the numerous examples of geometric patterns and shapes in nature and its relationship to the body.

Take advantage of Lesley’s studies about the new research into fascia to learn how it is changing the way we understand the foundations of support within our bodies.




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Feedback On This Instructor… 

This gave me an entirely new concept of the pelvis.

-Mara R 

 Lesley’s workshop was really informative and given at a very understandable level. I was skeptical about an online study but this was presented clearly and organized in a matter that was logical and applicable to clients and my own personal practice.

-Jennifer M


 I always enjoy Lesley. She is so great. Wish I could be in New York to work with her personally.

-Joan P


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