The bridge that is shown in this video is very different from the traditional Pilates bridge on the mat. What we are looking for in this exercise is a keying down of the upper psoas, which is found by releasing the ribcage back down to the mat by the breath, as well as cueing body weight instead of abdominal effort. We want to encourage a suppleness around the spine, as well as space and movement in the ribcage area. This is a wonderful addition to any mat class and it is essential for those who have rigidity in their thoracic spine.

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  1. Neil817

    Excellent approach to a misunderstood movement. Do this often with clients and I’m glad to see you folks promoting it so well on this site. Keep up the good work.

  2. Casey

    Thank you! It is so important to experience working with gravity instead of against it, and bridge is the perfect place to get in touch with that feeling!

  3. Tessa_995

    I am going to teach this in Restorative Yoga as well!

  4. Casey

    Tessa! Fabulous idea!

    Especially since a lot of yoga practices pushing up and out through the front of the chest. It’s really nice to change the cueing to get people to actually feel the weight of their heart and other viscera. The back of the heart space is just as important, and creating space in the area is vital.

    Let me know how it goes!

    In Happy Movement,
    Casey Marie

  5. Tessa_995

    I taught this tonight in my backbend-themed Restorative Yin Yoga class which has a lot of anterior heart opening poses. Two students who are kinesthetically aware came up afterwards and said they loved it and had never felt the freedom in sequential articulation before. I think the key is not clenching glutes or abs! They loved the ‘viscera’ cue. I usually say ‘internal organs’ but viscera is much better.

  6. Casey

    Tessa! I am so happy you got back to be about how the yoga class took the cueing! It really is quite fabulous, and a great reminder that much of the grace in our movement is in our ability to let go.

    Take Care!
    Casey Marie

  7. VictoriaMcDaniel

    Aging is a big then with s tightness in thoracic area. Love the field gold arms with higher bridge work . Normally I have arms overhead as coming down versus field goal arms. Never thought about chin to sternum- laying down without articulation down . Like it !!! Thanks ..